With the Trillium hammock, the tree set-up configurations become almost unlimited. Stack 1, 2 or 3 under your tent to create the multifloor outdoor living environments. Trillium hammocks can be used to add sleeping space for additional numbers of fellow campers, or simply to expand the space of your tree tent for extra gear, shoes, dogs and wet stuff.

Used on its own, this platform is the most hardcore triple hammock on the market. Reinforced by 20+ metres of seatbelt and secured by heavy duty ratchets and webbing it provides unprecedented safety stability comfort and of course – the most exciting view in the forest.

The Trillium can also be used underneath Stingray and Vista Tentsiles to hold clothes or blankets up against your back to keep you toasty warm in cold weather or as a spare Vista floor. It has all the fittings to accommodate a Vista top!