Maserati Alfieri

Maserati Alfieri


The Maserati Alfeiri maybe looks like a concept car, but it’s coming to your Maserati dealer in 2016!
The CEO of Maserati, Harald Wester said: “This car has a foot pedal that is hungry to be floored.”
The car name is a tribute to the founder of Maserati, Alfieri Maserati. Based on the GranTurismo MC Stradala chassis, the Alfieri’s wheelbase is nevertheless 24cm shorter at 2.7 meter. It’s 4.6 meter long overall and sits 1.2 meter high. The Maserati GranTurismo lends its 4.7-liter, naturally aspirated V-8 to the cause, and the engine sends 460 horsepower to a six-speed automated manual gearbox and a limited-slip rear differential.

The inside is completely handmade to perfection. There is aniline leather on the seats, dashboard, and central console stands in contrast to the floor, which is finished in a material that imitates oxidized steel, a material commonly used on racing cars of the 1950s.

1standOwen Ready, Editor Car Design News said, “The design of sports cars with fine volumes and beautiful proportions is something Italian car design has long excelled at, but the Alfieri’s more contemporary design elements have been executed with impeccable judgement. The result is a classic Italian sports car which is utterly modern.”