Brandkuip is a company that started in 2012. Three friends knew they could innovate the way ships were designed. They successfully accomplished this by designing and building the amazing Brandkuip 880 Trip.

See it in action: 


DSC_0321When you look at the Brandkuip 880 Trip you immediately notice the original design. The most remarkable feature the rear of the tender. The back of the Brandkuip 880 trip is completely open. Because the boat has no ‘back’ it can be used to put a dinghy in the back or even a jet-ski!
This is one of the many great features of the designs from Brandkuip. The tender isn’t only looking beautiful, it is also really convenient. For example, there are no more problems when you are climbing back in the boat when you are done with swimming.


DSC_0260The design makes the tender a true Wannahave.
The boat definitely stands out without making it too’showy’. People are taking some extra time to look at the boat when you are passing by. Don’t be surprised when people start to take photos of the breathtaking design.
But even the inside of the boat has all of the comfort you can expect. There is an amazing amount of space because the seats are ‘floating’. This makes it easy to store some stuff under the seats and it provides extra leg room for passengers sitting in the center.

The Brandkuip tenders have a JBL Marine speaker system intalled so you can listen to your favorite tunes when you are on a trip. You can connect your iPhone or other phone through AirPlay. The Brandkuip 880 trip also comes with a cooling department so your beverages are staying cold.

The boat has an overal length of 8.80 meter and the width of the boat is around 2,70 meter. This ensures that you have plenty of space. And with the 160 horse power from the engine you can reach a top speed of 46km/h.

DSC_0341The Brandkuip 880 trip even has space for a toilet and a double-bed so you can sleep on the boat when you are going away for a long trip. Another fun feature is the Brandkuip Control Panel. It is an aluminium panel that is touch sensitive. You can control all of the electronics with this panel such as your lights and speakers.

Overal the Brandkuip 880 is a wonderful tender that is not only looking astonishing from the outside, but also beautiful and convenient from the inside. It has a lot of great features and we can definitely recommend to take at their website!