Wannahaves is a digital agency with three types of services: content creation, influencer marketing and social-media management. We create content and develop social media strategies for our own brands 433 & BALR. as well as other businesses. We are able to distribute the created content through our own network. With over 44+ million combined followers and over 400 million views per day we reach millions of relevant people in your target audience.


Content Creation

We create content that perfectly fits your preferred media channel and target audience.

Influencer Marketing

We've got a team of over 900 influencers in different niches. We are focused on data driven influencer marketing to get the maximal result.

Social Media Management

We manage a network of +44 million followers on social media. We also offer social media management services for your business.


We understand the craft of audiovisual production and the art of film narrative. We approach the visual representation of your story with creativity, honesty, accountability and a quest for excellence. Whether it’s the story of your brand, your company, your song or you, it matters to us how your story unfolds on the screen and how it makes viewers feel.

Simply put, we have done it all and have teamed up with clients ranging from Nike, Samsung, BALR, 433 and other advertising firms and broadcasters to name a few. We’ve been working on site and in the studio for over 15 years and our experienced team of producers, directors and crew are standing by to service all you production needs.

Recent Projects

Have a look at our recent projects below.

Nike StrikeNight

Wannahaves was invited by Nike to create content during their StrikeNight event in London. During this event we had the opportunity to make the best native content for Nike with famous football players like: Marcus Rashford, Mauro Icardi, Christian Benteke and the winner of the night, André Silva. The main goal of the collaboration was to create awareness of the event trough the 433 channels.